The naturist camping "Les Grands Chênes" accepts all naturists for staying one or more nights with tent, van or Mobil home. To enter and/or install at a numbered site authorization by the camping manager is needed. The fact you're staying at the camping means that you accept the campsite rules. Everyone staying at "Les Grands Chênes" for at least one night must present an identification card (passport, driving licence, international camping card, …). Holidaymakers can not receive visitors even if they are naturists, visits are prohibited. We ask that you pay for your stay on the eve of your departure (bank card, cash). Campsites must be vacated between 8.00 AM and 12.00 AM, the rental must be vacated by 11.00 AM.
The office is open from 8.00 AM to 7 PM. We ask you to pay your stay the evening before your departure. Bar and snack bar are open from 11 AM to 10 PM. Bread on command every day for the next 8.30 PM.
Les Grands Chênes is family oriented naturist area. In addition to respecting the internal rules, everyone must behave in accordance with naturist principles at all times and under all circumstances: Living in nature, respect for oneself and others and friendliness are the bases for practicing a healthy and group nudity. Complete nudity is obligatory for everyone all over the centre as soon as the weather or the activity practiced allow it,
also teenagers. No exceptions will be tolerated. The management is entitled to refuse or exclude anyone who behaves in contradictory to these principles.
We ask you to respect the hygiene and the general aspect of the camping area. Garbage containers are at your disposal at the entry of the camping place. GREEN: recyclable garbage (paper, carton, plastic, metal and tetra-packs) GRAY: Non-recyclable garbage in closed garbage plastic bags (obligatory). Everyone must respect and protect the natural environment. It is not allowed to change plantations, to construct any borders around your camping site and to dig any holes or trenches. Any damage caused to the vegetation or common facilities will be charged at the responsible or at the parents of minor children.
In the middle of the camping place a sanitary block is at your disposal: toilets, lavatory, washbowls, showers, washing machine (coins and soap at the reception), baby bathroom. Shoes are not allowed in the showers. Chemical toilets: only the use of biological (green) products is allowed. Outside the sanitary block you will find a special drain to empty your toilets. The sanitary block is cleaned at regular times; please leave it as clean as you found it by coming in. Please don't through anything in the toilets but use the containers at that purpose. The use of any javelined products is not allowed (sceptic tank)

Everything you need to use the playgrounds is at your disposal at the bar (bowling balls (pétanque), badminton rackets, table tennis bats, volley ball) There is also a playground available for children.
The pool is open from 10.30 AM to 20.00 PM. There is a swimming pool at your disposal (dept 1,20 m) and a children's' pool (dept 40 cm) THERE IS NO SURVEILLANCE, THE CHILDREN ARE AT ANY MOMENT UNDER THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR PARENTS. Taking a shower before bathing is obligatory, shoes are not allowed in the swimming pools and on the beaches. Smoking and eating in the swimming pools and on the beaches is not allowed. It is also forbidden to play in the evacuation trenches.
We ask everyone to take all the normal precautions to protect their properties.
Traffic at the inside of the camping (max 10 km/h) is only allowed at the moment of arrival (installation) and at the moment of departure. All the vehicles must be parked at the parking space at the entrance of the camping. To bring in your goods after shopping there are caddies at your disposal (please bring them back after using). The entrance gate is closed at night from 22.00 PM to 7.30 AM.
To avoid the risk of fire, open barbeques using wood or coal are strictly forbidden. There is a common barbeque near the bar at your disposal. At the sanitary block as well as at the electricity-poles you will find extinguishers.
Since noise can bother other people's rest or activities, the use of radios, TV's and music instruments is allowed if it does not inconvenience other guests. Silence is obligatory from 10.00 PM to 08.30 AM, all over the camping.

Pets are authorized if taken on the lead (not at the swimming pool and the sanitary block). Please take note before travelling that there are certain veterinary rules to fulfil (health passport, vaccination, …).

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